Bath Tubs for Babies on the Go

We loved the Snug-Tub duck inflatable tub we got for our first daughter back in 2014. That thing went with us across four continents to safely bathe her on tight cruise ship showers, hotel shower floors and AirBnB's.

Since we’re a bit germaphobic, having our own tub for the kids was a travel must-have. This is particularly true aboard cruise ships and in homes and hotels that only have showers.

The tub was:

  • Compact and portable: Deflated and rolled down to the size of a short wiffle ball bat, and fit in our luggage easily,
  • Lightweight: About 1.5 pounds,
  • Easy-to-clean: Usually just needed a quick wipe down and hang on the shower wall by the suction cup to drip dry,
  • Reasonably priced: $17.30 USD at the time.

The chief downsides were:

  • Set up: Gotta unroll it, and blow it up, then deflate and roll it up,
  • Leaks: Eventually we used it so much that it sprung a leak at a seam. We followed the bubbles and sealed it with stinky vinyl repair adhesive. But then another area popped a leak.

inflatable bathtub

We have just replaced it with a Disney Princess inflatable tub. We’ll see how that works out and keep you posted.

Image of product

Happy travels!


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